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Smart Light Bulbs E26 Dimmable Color Changing Smart Bulbs

Smart Light Bulbs E26 Dimmable Color Changing Smart Bulbs

Smart Light Bulbs, E26 Dimmable Color Changing Smart Bulbs Work with Alexa Google Home, WiFi Light Bulbs, A19 8W Smart Led Bulb 75W Equivalent 800 Lumens, RGB & Warm White, No Hub Required

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  • Dimmable Multicolor & Warm White: Smart alexa bulb with 16 million colors and warm white (2700K). Set your desired colors and adjust brightness to create different ambience for party, dating, relaxing and other occasions. Great for holiday decorations.

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  • Hands-Free Voice Control: The smart Led bulb is compatible with smart home device - Alexa echo dot and Google Home. Use simple voice command to turn on or off, change colors and brighten/dim your smart lights. A smart life light bulb, no hub required.

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  • Remote Control: You can check the power status of each wifi bulb anywhere via phone App, no worry about forgetting turn off smart wifi light bulb when you went out. Support to control either separately or together. 2.4Ghz WiFi

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  • Schedule and Timer: Set one or more schedules to follow your everyday routines. Create a countdown to turn on the alexa smart light bulb with preset color at a specific time to prepare a surprise for the party or dating.

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  • Energy Saving: 8W Led smart light bulb is equivalent to with 75W incandescent bulb(A19 E26), saving consumption up to 80%. Lifespan of the smart color light bulb can approximately last 20,000 hours.

How the smart bulb to connect my wifi ?

1) Make sure the bulb is powered on and the connected network is 2.4Ghz only

2) Switch smart bulbs on/off for 3 times (pls wait 1 or 2 second for each switch) to enter EZ Mode, you will find the smart bulb flashes quickly.

3) Click "+" to add device, select the Lighting (Wi-Fi) to connect.

4)Select a Wi-Fi network and enter the password of the network.


If your router is dual-band, ensure that 2.4G and 5G networks have different network names - SSID

For the first connection, ensure that the smart phone and the smart bulb are in the same Wi-Fi environment, and the Wi-Fi connection distance is 50ft. Near the bulb to your phone while connecting.

If steps failed, please unscrew the bulbs and follow the APP connection steps to reconnect it.

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