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The difference between smart switch and ordinary switch

The difference between smart switch and ordinary switch

When it comes to smart home products, we have to mention the various systems of smart homes, such as smart security systems, smart switch systems, smart audio-visual systems, smart fresh air systems, etc. We have already briefly introduced some of the systems, such as smart doors. Locks, smart curtains, and smart switches have not been introduced accordingly. Today, I will give a brief introduction to smart switches and ordinary switches, so that some friends have a more thorough understanding of smart home products.

The difference between smart switch and ordinary switch


1. Shape and material

Smart switch: The panel adopts advanced materials, never aging, with various patterns and beautiful appearance.

Ordinary switch: It is made of plastic panel, the style is monotonous, unsightly, and easy to age.


2. Function

Smart switch: Touch function, sensor function, and luminous function are integrated. There is no need to run around when touching the remote control switch light. It is convenient and quick to press the remote control lightly.

Ordinary switch: mechanical function, manual operation, laborious and inconvenient.


3. Security

Smart switch: The panel adopts an integrated design, is waterproof, anti-leakage, prevents the elderly or children from operating with wet hands, prevents electric shock, and has a high level of safety.

Ordinary switch: The panel is not waterproof, and cannot be operated with wet hands. There is a potential risk of electric shock.


4. Service life

Smart switch: using touch mode to open and close, no mechanical function keys, not easy to damage, long service life.

Ordinary switch: With mechanical function, it is prone to mechanical failure, easy to be damaged, and has a short service life.


5. Noise

Smart switch: The prompt tone can be turned on or off through the dial switch, giving you a quiet and comfortable home.

Ordinary switch: When Cage is closed, it will make a "click" sound.


6. Wiring-free function

Smart switch: The smart switch has a wiring-free function and can directly replace the traditional switch, saving you cost and time, and making the new home project complete faster.

Ordinary switch: a large number of neutral wires and live wires are required, which is time-consuming and expensive.


7. Smart switches have unique functions

1) Multi-control function, can control multiple lamps and lanterns at the same time.
2) With full-on, full-off functions, automatic power-off function (when the breakpoint automatically restarts, the switch defaults to the off state).
3) Prompt sound function, as mentioned above, when the hand touches the switch, there will be a didi prompt sound.
4) It adopts wireless remote control, which is harmless to human body.


Summarize the advantages of smart switch control panel:

Responsive and stable performance;

Strong versatility, no need to modify the circuit;

Safe and convenient;

Humanized design to prevent electric shock;

Long life and cost saving;

Wide range of applications (commercial houses, villas, hotels, buildings and other construction houses).


With the continuous improvement of living standards, people continue to put forward higher requirements for the living environment, and pay more and more attention to the comfort, safety and convenience of each member of their lives. The interconnection of everything in smart homes will eventually be implemented in the warmest word "life".


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