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Smart Light Switch GHomeSmart® SW5

Smart Light Switch GHomeSmart® SW5

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Install the WiFi light switch for a smarter home. Schedule lights to appear as if you're always home. Sync on/off times with sunrise and sunset, and have porch lights greet you when you come home. Simulate occupancy while on vacation to deter intruders.


Control your lights from anywhere using the Alexa light switch. Use the app to turn lights on or off from your smartphone, whether at home, at the office, or on vacation.


Works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant for hands-free control. No hub or subscription required. Simply say “Hi, Alexa, turn on the lights” to control your lights.


Easily replaces your old wall switch. Make your home smart with this switch. We strive for customer satisfaction with 24/7 online support. Note: When off, the switch is designed without an LED light but can be controlled via voice and app.

Please note

Neutral wire required, only for 2.4G WiFi. FCC and UL certified. This 15A smart switch is safer than standard 10A switches. The user manual provides step-by-step setup instructions. Comes with a screwless snap-on wall plate. Features UL94-V0 flammability rating, preventing lightning, surges, and spikes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

So far, very happy with my GHome Smart Switch. I put it in my garage -- making my life so much easier when my hands are full (Alexa, garage light on)!

If you can change a light switch, you can install this smart switch (remember to turn off the electricity before installation!!). The app makes it pretty simple to connect the switch to your Wi-Fi, which means you can control it with your voice (I use Alexa), set up an on/off schedule, or control it just about anywhere your smart phone has a signal. As you can see from the photo, I did not use the included faceplate, but used the included wire nuts.

So far, very happy. Next up: going to buy the 3-way switch for my kitchen.


We have other ghome switches (2 pole dimmers) wish they did a light/fan wifi switch. These 3 ways were perfect, easy to wire, you MUST have neutral available which most new construction does have. There is a slight delay, like 1/2 a second after the press to light on, but you quickly ignore that mentally. The app is great, easy to setup, integrates to annoying alexa easy, but its the schedule that sells me. Teen kids leave the lights on ALL NIGHT!!!! Not 1, but it was 7, 7 GD lights all night, then I would get up, get upset, turn them all off and head to work, come home, yup. So now it turns off the lights every 20 mins from 10-6, then at 8:15 (make sure the darlings are gone) it turns them off every hour to be sure they're off. If you have dead lazy children who can't turn a light off if their life depended on it, I cannot recommend this highly enough!!!


Easy to install easy to use
I like it


Smart switch one of the best in the market , I’m very happy with this purchase. I don’t have to stand up when I’m in bed and turn the light off, just a simple click on the app and the life is off every night and I also like that I can program it so the light can be on or off automatically. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Audrey Miller

This was my first Wi-Fi switch purchase and I'm very happy with it. It integrates easily with Alexa and my other GHome products. We put it on some recessed lighting in our bedroom and it's so easy to turn them on/off from in bed without getting up to touch a switch, just tell your Alexa device to do it for you. Looking for other places in our house and garage where we get away from the old manual switches to these Wi-Fi ones.