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Intelligente Glühbirne GHomeSmart® DWB4 DE

Intelligente Glühbirne GHomeSmart® DWB4 DE

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smart light bulbs 4 pack
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How the smart bulb to connect my wifi ?

1) Make sure the bulb is powered on and the connected network is 2.4Ghz only

2) Switch smart bulbs on/off for 3 times (pls wait 1 or 2 second for each switch) to enter EZ Mode, you will find the smart bulb flashes quickly

If the smart light bulb flashes slowly, choose AP mode. Details pls refer to our AP mode connection video

3) Click "+" to add device, select the Lighting (Wi-Fi) to connect

4)Select a Wi-Fi network and enter the password of the network


If your router is dual-band, ensure that 2.4G and 5G networks have different network names - SSID. (2.4G Only)

For the first connection, ensure that the smart phone and the smart bulb are in the same Wi-Fi environment, and the Wi-Fi connection distance is 50ft. Near the bulb to your phone while connecting.

If steps failed, please unscrew the bulbs and follow the APP connection steps to reconnect it.

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