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WIFI Temperature Humidity Sensor GHomeSmart® DST10 DE

WIFI Temperature Humidity Sensor GHomeSmart® DST10 DE

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Backlight Supported

When you tuch the reset button once, the backlight will be triggered , and it will last for about 10 seconds.

Accurate Measurenment

Within half an hour after the configuration is completed, our products start to be accurate.

Voice Query Supported

The Sensor work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can check temperature and humidity by voice.

1. Temperature and humidity may not be displayed correctly on Alexa and Google Home, but we provide voice query service
2. At present, it does not support yandex Alice

Application Scenarios

You can install the sensor wherever you need (WiFi connection network is required).

APP page show

The page could get better.

Product Features:

1. High precision.
The sensor uses top suppliers. It can guarantee the high precision of the measurement data.

2. APP Remote monitor and recording.
The sensor will report when the temperature and humidity. You can view the changes in the value on the APP or display screen.
Record the temperature and humidity changes on the APP, and use the graphics to show you.

3. Backlight Supported
The sensor has backlight, it make you browser the screen clear at night.

4. Wide viewing angle
We have carefully designed the viewing range of the LCD screen, compared to other types of similar products, our viewing angle is wider.

5. Scene linkage
The sensor can be used as the temperature and humidity data source of Tuya Smart, Smart Life, Amazon Alexa, Google Home. You can do many automated processes based on the data source.

6. Temperature Unit Switch
The sensor is designed with a temperature display conversion function of Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can choose the unit that needs to be displayed according to your needs.

7. Third-party voice support.
The sensor supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home Asistant. You can check the current temperature and humidity by voice.

NOTE:The temperature and humidity sensor of battery version cannot report data in real time.

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