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Smart Garden Sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Moisture Tester for TUYA Automation GHomeSmart® GXM-1

Smart Garden Sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Moisture Tester for TUYA Automation GHomeSmart® GXM-1

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Information about this manual

Please read this manual completely and carefully before starting to use the device. The manual contains important information about the intended use of the device. Especially observe the safety notes. Keep the manual for later consultation. If you hand over the device to other persons for use, please hand over the operating manual as well.

Product Description

The soil temperature and humidity meter is used to monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the soil in your home garden, creating a more beautiful and smarter garden system for you. The temperature is in Celsius and Fahrenheit and you can set the units of temperature in the app. Humidity is calculated as a percentage of soil moisture.

Product Parameters

Power sipply:2*AA Batteries 1.5V

humidity Range:0~100%

humidity accuracy:0~50%(±3%,50%~100%(±5%

Temperature range:-20~60

Temperature accuracy:±1

Application ScenariosGardens, Potted Plants, Farms, Orchards

Waterproof ratingIP67

Applications and transport protocols

The product uses the open protocol of ZIGBEE 3.0. The chip manufacturer defaults it to the tuya smart app or Smart life app. other programs are used to control this device and no technical support is provided by the supplier.

About Smart Device Linkage

When the device is linked to other smart devices, it will command the linked device to work when the value changes and crosses the threshold of the programmed value. When the value changes but does not cross the threshold of the programmed value, the device will not command the linked device to work.

How to connect it to your APP

1. Search and download Smart Life or Tuya Smart from Google Play or the App Store.

or Scan this QR code to download the app

2.Add your gateway to the APP.

3. Press and hold the button on the device for 5 seconds, the device enters matching mode when the blue LED flashes.

4. Click in the APP to enter the gateway page and use the 'Auto Search' in the gateway page.

5. Wait for the device to appear in your app

6.Device addition complete

Instructions for Disposal

Do not dispose of the device with regular domestic waste! Electronic equipment must be disposed of at local collection po nts for waste electronic equipment in compliance w;ith the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

The device is not a toy, do not allow children to play with it. Do not leave packaging material lying around. Plastic f lms/bags, pieces of polystyrene, etc. can be dangerous in the hands of a ch Id.

Used batteries should not be disposed of with regular domestic waste! Instead, take them to your local battery disposal point.

This device complies with the ROHS 2.0 Rules.


When the device is successfully paired with the phone, the device time is synchronized with the phone time.

Soil moisture values

The moisture value percentages for this product are not percentages of soil moisture content. It is only a measurement of soil moisture by this product.





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