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Smart RGB Dream Color Floor Lamp 145cm GHomeSmart® SL7

Smart RGB Dream Color Floor Lamp 145cm GHomeSmart® SL7

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● Various Lighting Effects:

Switch/Colorful Dimming/ Brightness Adjustment/ Breathing Flashing/ Chasing/ Running Water/ Musical Rhythm


Customer Reviews

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Excellent Purchase!

buyer beware that when you are setting the device up, there is not a QR code for you to scan in the app and there is not a picture for you to load the device in manually. When you plug the power source in to the peanut shaped device there are three buttons on the device, you will have to power it on with the middle button if it does not automatically turn on, then hold down the C Button until it starts flashing then you can go to your app and add the device. It will show up under a different name then the SL 7-1. I hope this helps when you are setting up your new device. It is really cool and very interactive with music.

Thanks for the heads up, we'll make improvements later, this light is really cool!