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WIFI Temperature Humidity Sensor GHomeSmart® ST9

WIFI Temperature Humidity Sensor GHomeSmart® ST9

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APP Remote Monitor

After the configuration is completed, you can view the temperature and humidity on the screen and APP at the same time. And the APP can be effective anywhere in the world

Backlight Supported

When you tuch the reset button once, the backlight will be triggered , and it will last for about 10 seconds.

Accurate Measurenment

Within half an hour after the configuration is completed, our products start to be accurate.

Voice Query Supported

The Sensor work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can check temperature and humidity by voice.

Application Scenarios

You can install the sensor wherever you need (WiFi connection network is required).

Intelligent Linkage

In the APP, you can make linkage settings by setting the temperature and humidity of the sensor as conditions. It will make your life more comfortable.

APP page show

The page could get better.


Product Features:

1. Backlight Display
Press the reset button on the top once, the backlight will be triggered and last for about 10s. It is more convenient to browse screen clearly in darkness.

2. Smart Linkage
You can preset the condition and task in the“Scene" page, for example, when the room temperature surpass 30 Celsius, the A/C will turn on automatically.

3. Temperature Unit Switch
You can switch the temperature unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius in the set.then press the reset button once, it will sync both on the screen and in the APP

4. Temp & humidity records
You can view the historic data of temp and humidity stored for 1 year, and export fo your Email address

5. Temp & humidity Alarm
You can preset the range for temperature and humidity in the scene page, when the temperature or humidity reaches the range it will push instant alarm message via APP.

6. Low battery Alarm
When the battery power is low, it will pushalert message via APP

7. Third-party Voice Control
Support enquiring about temp and humidity via Amazon and Google smart speaker by voice.

Buying Tips

About Displaying
1. The time format cannot be changed.
2. The temperature unit can be switched.

About Bluetooth Function
Bluetooth function is only useful during configuration. After configuration, the device will shut down the Bluetooth network.

About the update frequency of temperature and humidity
1. We used the trigger mechanism When the temperature or humidity change reaches the trigger condition, report the data immediately The fastest update frequency is two minutes. Generally, the data is updated once an hour
2. The sensor cannot set the update frequency,
3. The sensor cannot set alarm, and the alarm function is set on the APP
If you need to update data in real time, please purchase a USB powered version.

About batteries
1. Only LR03-1.5V alkaline battery can be used (1.2V rechargeable battery may cause the equipment to detect wrong voltage and report low voltage)
2. Batteries of different models cannot be mixed
3. Batteries of different brands cannot be mixed
4. New and old batteries cannot be mixed
5. Do not use inferior batteries
Otherwise, 1. configuration failure, 2. battery consumption is too fast
How to obtain high-quality batteries or genuine batteries. Please buy them at regular supermarkets or chain stores over time
Note: After the device configuration is completed, it needs to be placed in a position where the wireless signal is good, otherwise the power consumption of connecting to the network will increase, which will lead to fast battery consumption

About Network Testing
The network will consume a lot of power
To ensure the service life of the battery, the sensor will stop using the network when it does not need to report data
Therefore, it is meaningless to test the network signal of sensors in APP.

Error on temperature and humidity
1. All temperature and humidity sensors will have certain errors, please note
The error of this sensor is ± 1 ℃ and the error of humidity is ± 5% RH
Any value within this range is normal
2. Sensor error and manufacturing process will lead to certain errors between products of the same model
3. According to Newton's third law, the heat conduction takes a certain time.
Therefore, our sensor needs 30 minutes to be consistent with the room temperature, and the measurement will be accurate.

About Historical Curves
1. The minimum granularity of historical data (daily chart) is 1 hour, and the minimum granularity of exported data is also 1 hour
2. Days of historical data are stored for 7 days
3. The value of historical data is the average value, that is, the average value in a minimum granularity time

Support for third-party smart speakers
1. Because the third-party smart speakers (Google Home/Amazon Alexa) do not have control panels corresponding to temperature and humidity sensors, the temperature and humidity may not be displayed normally on the third-party smart speakers' APP. But we have opened the voice query function.
Therefore, the current temperature and humidity can be queried by voice
2. Route or automatic process related to temperature and humidity cannot be established on the third-party smart speakers
3. The device does not support Yandex Alice

About Automation
The sensor uses the principle of Edge Triggered
That is, the action can only be triggered if the condition crosses the set condition
For example, when the automatic setting temperature is greater than 25 ℃, then turn on the air conditioner.
1. When the temperature rises from below 25 ℃ to 25 ℃, the automatic process can trigger to start the air conditioner
2. After the automatic process is set, the temperature is always above 25 ℃, and the air conditioner is not turned on.
3. When the temperature drops to 25 ℃ and rises to above 25 ℃, the automatic process will be activated.
For example, when the automatic setting temperature is less than 20 ℃, turn on the air conditioner
1. When the temperature drops from above 20 ℃ to 20 ℃, the automatic process can trigger to start the air conditioner
2. After the automatic process is set, the temperature is always below 20 ℃, and the air conditioner is not turned on
3. When the temperature rises to 20 ℃ and then drops to above 20 ℃, the automatic process will be activated.

Product Parameter:

Power supply: Battery LR03-1.5V/AAA*3 (not included)
Backlight: Supported
Wireleass: WiFi 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Temperature Measure Range: -9.9℃-60℃
Temperature Accuracy: ±1
Humidity Measure Range: 0% RH~99% RH
Humidity Accuracy: ±5% RH



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